The Global Grants for Gut Health (GGGH) offer grants for research projects that advance our understanding of the human microbiota and its impact on human health. The grants are intended to pump prime early studies that may lead to applications for larger funding from other organizations.

Upon successful completion of research projects, all GGGH grantees are invited to become members of The Global Grants for Gut Health Colloquium. The GGGH panelists are also invited to join the Colloquium. 

The Colloquium provides members with a forum to exchange ideas. All members receive an annual grant to support their research endeavors. Once per year, members of the Colloquium meet to discuss emerging trends and hot topics in microbiome research. 

Colloquium members

Jake Begun, Mater Research

Eran Elinav, Weizmann Institute of Science

Isabel Gordo, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Reinhard Hinterleitner, University of Pittsburgh

Guido Hooiveld, Wageningen University

Niall Hyland, University College Cork

Marco Jost, Harvard Medical School

Purna C Kashyap, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research

Sarah Lebeer, The Lebeer Lab, University of Antwerp

Paul O'Toole, University College Cork

Karen Scott, The Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen

Eran Segal, Weizmann Institute of Science

Kiyoshi Takeda, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University